Late Hokusai: Thought and Society


Brunei Gallery, room 204 SOAS, University of London, 5-6 May 2016

Day 1: Thursday 5 May -- Society

10.00 Welcome, project and workshop introduction (TC)
10.30 Preliminary formulations: society (AH) 
13.15 Discussion
• Intellectual networks (RC)
• Publishing and printing (ET)
• Early 19th-century Edo (AG)

15.15 Viewing session at BM

Day 2: Friday 6 May -- Thought

10.30 Preliminary formulations: thought (AL)

13.15 Discussion
• Religion (JS)
• China (RB)
• Nature (CG)

14.45 Wrap-up

15.15 Close


Richard Bowring (University of Cambridge)
Robert Campbell (University of Tokyo)
Timothy Clark (British Museum)
Lucia Dolce (SOAS University of London)
Andrew Gerstle (SOAS University of London)
Izzy Goldman (Independent scholar)
Christine Guth (Independent scholar)
Alfred Haft (British Museum)
Roger Keyes (Independent scholar)
Angus Lockyer (SOAS University of London)
Ryoko Matsuba (SOAS University of London)
Koto Sadamura (Freer and Sackler Galleries)
Janine Sawada (Brown University) 
Ellis Tinios (University of Leeds)
Akiko Yano (British Museum)
Yoshitaka Yamamoto (Osaka University)