Reading letters by Hokusai and Oi (1)

24 February 2017

Japan Section office, Department of Asia, British Museum 08.00
Osaka University, Osaka 17.00
Gakushuin University, Tokyo 17.00

The Hokusai project combines scholarly inquiry into a focused set of research questions with the creation of an innovative bilingual online resource for Hokusai research. Our goal is to enhance our understanding of how Hokusai's art was animated by his thought and faith. To analyze Hokusai’s thought, we propose to draw on the evidence of his artwork, together with his own words as found in his book prefaces, letters and other material. The project is supporting regular online study meetings with Japanese scholars to read and translate letters by Hokusai and his daughter Oi into English. This work will enable us to reveal the networks that linked Hokusai to collaborators, pupils, patrons, and the public.

Kamiyama Kumasaburo letters

Outline: Tim Clark (British Museum)
Presenter: Yoshitaka Yamamoto (Osaka University)


Tadashi Kobayashi, Okada Museum of Art
Arata Shimao, Gakushuin University
Mamiko Ito, Gakushuin University
Akane Fujisawa, Gakushuin University
Mai Nakazawa, Gakushuin University
Ran Kamiya, Gakushuin University
Murasaki Fujisawa, Kokugakuin University
Satomi Ishiguma, Kokugakuin University
Asaka Suwaki, Kokugakuin University
Robert Campbell, University of Tokyo
Yoshitaka Yamamoto, Osaka University
Kenji Hinohara, Ota Memorial Museum
Naoko Ogino
Toshiro Kurahashi
Angus Lockyer, SOAS University of London
Ryoko Matsuba, SOAS University of London
Tim Clark, Department of Asia, British Museum
Alfred Haft, Department of Asia, British Museum
Stephanie Santschi, Department of Asia, British Museum
Koto Sadamura, Freer and Sackler Galleries